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Michel A Bell's books include advice routed in the Bible.
They contain Christian financial advice and biblicial stewardship principles; they are not self help money advice to make you wealthy. They show helpful Christian finances advice, and proven business practices for informed lifestyle choices.
Managing God's Time, also from a Christian view, is a time management book that focuses on improving personal effectiveness and stewardship of time.

Folks try unsuccessfully to manage time while hurry sickness infects them. It's a western disease—people rushing about trying to do too much and being ineffective. For some people, busyness is a prideful state to live in. They ignore the reality that each person has 24 hours daily, which will never change. Each of us must learn to manage our priorities in available time. Besides, we must turn from time management to self-management. Visit this section of the site for tips, tools, and techniques to help that change.

Here we spotlight little-known facts that might affect daily decisions.

Recession's Length

The Great Recession of 2008 lasted 18 months...the longest recession since 1960. Before, the average recession lasted 11 months. Even so we know we are in a recession only in hindsight. So, beware of so-called experts predicting stock markets' direction and recession's lengths.

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