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Managing God’s money - The Christian's Guide To Biblical Stewardship

Christian Financial Advice

Christian financial management books reflect Christian financial advice and solid biblical stewardship principles.
Christian financial management books help folks make informed lifestyle choices.
These money management books are not self help books to make the author wealthy. They show solid Bible based teachings and proven business practices. As well, the Managing God's Time book is a time management book that focuses on improving stewardship of time.

TV Commentaries are a selection of Michel A. Bell TV commentaries on the economy, effective time usage, family finances, and other matters. These commentaries represent Christian financial advice and biblical stewardship advice.

Weekly devotions and meditations feature biblical stewardship issues and Christian financial advice to aid effective lifestyle choices. Money devotions and meditations have different monthly topics with separate weekly themes. Biblical stewardship devotions and meditations have daily Bible verses to encourage you. Read this week's meditations: .

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Tips and Tools of The Month

Affordable means different things to different people. Affordable, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, means being within the financial means of most people. However, the dictionary doesn't define financial means. I define affordable as spending funds without acquiring or committing to acquiring debt. Try our Affordable Index tool.

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