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Michel A Bell's Sixth Book: Business Simplified

Serving People, Becoming Better Stewards, Creating Value

Book by Michel A Bell

About Business Simplified

B usiness professor and former business executive, Michel A Bell's New Book provides insights to simplify organizations and create value for stakeholders. In Business Simplified, Michel de-mystifies business with simple, helpful ideas from his experience and research.

Business, like a charity, Christian ministry, or other nonprofit entity is inanimate and needs people to drive it in a particular direction. It is simple, but we can complicate it quickly with the wrong people protecting their turfs and building silos. Hire the right people, and graciously remove the wrong people as soon as feasible.

Business is about people. The right people unified in the correct positions, headed in the proper direction to delight customers and create value for stakeholders. Straightforward, practical solutions from Michel's vast global business experience and research will enable cooperation, pinpoint suitable paths to gain customers for life, and build shareholder value.

Further insights to design and implement strategies for a competitive edge appear throughout the book. Michel cautions against so-called five-yearly strategic plans, which usually excludes tough choices—the essence of strategy—necessary to steer the entity to its mission.

Business Simplified includes several case studies, explains strategic and operations management, entrepreneurship, governance models, solution-driven marketing, capital and operating budgeting, and proposes business and personal tax reforms. As well, Michel offers his easily understood bucket accounting ideas—the lay person"s guide to interpreting financial statements.

Whether you are a CEO, student, or a young entrepreneur, you will glean valuable insights from Business Simplified.

Availabile In Several Formats

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Business Simplified is available in three formats: hardcover, softcover, and ebook. Usually, prices at are discounted. The hardcover and softcover are available at Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. The ebook is on Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble's Nook, among other formats.

About The Author

Michel Bell

Michel A Bell is a follower of Jesus, author, business professor, founder and president of Managing God"s Money. He is a former senior executive with extensive global business experience with the former Alcan Inc. group. After 32 years, in 2012, he left Alcan as Vice President Business Planning for the global bauxite, alumina and speciality group for his current volunteer activities in Managing God"s Money.

Michel is a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of the United Kingdom and holds a Masters of Science degree in Management from the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), and a doctor of business administration, honoris causa, from Briercrest College and Seminary.

What Others Say

Each chapter is peppered with examples from his 32-year career with Alcan, along with examples from other companies, and lists of tips. Bell convincingly weaves his experience with the writings of well-known business practitioners and academics. This is exactly what a mentor does – shares experience, challenges and key ideas. Bell’s professionalism is evident, as is his Christian faith and ethical foundation. [...]

—Laurie Busuttil, Associate Professor and Chair, Business Program, Redeemer University

I am sure Business Simplified will be an immense help to students and many others. Its focus on people and strategy fits the philosophy we followed successfully at Alcan. Throughout Michel"s career at Alcan he lived the values and principles he expressed in this book.

—Jacques Bougie, former CEO, Alcan Inc

Michel Bell has spent his career in business, standing apart from others, always with his insightful analysis and independent assessment of business opportunities. Never compromising his underlying beliefs and convictions, he was resolute in making recommendations and decisions that would not benefit a few individuals but were always for the greater good of an organization.

Michel has unparalleled business experience with Alcan, where he drove a multitude of complex international transactions that fundamentally enhanced the underlying value of the business for the long term. He was able to successfully turn what seemed to be impossible circumstances in difficult business environments into positive outcomes that shifted the direction and ultimately the performance of the global business.

—Cynthia Carroll former CEO Alcan Inc"s Bauxite, Alumina, Specialty Chemicals, & Primary Metals, and former CEO, Anglo American plc

During his fruiIul career at Alcan Inc., Michel held various positons in the finance, legal, and business planning sectors, and lived in Jamaica, Montreal, Vancouver, Tokyo, UK, USA, among other places. Michel left behind a successful track record in planning, strategy, and business development. He has been one of the most significant contributors to the strategic positon Bauxite, Alumina, and Specialty Chemicals enjoys today. Perhaps his greatest legacy will be his value mindset, which has inspired his Alcan colleagues.

—Michael Hanley former President Alcan Inc"s Bauxite, Alumina, and Speciality Chemicals