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Serving People, Becoming Better Stewards, Creating Value

Business professor and former business executive, Michel A Bell's sixth book provides insights to simplify organizations and create value for stakeholders. Michel de-mystifies business with simple, helpful ideas from his experience and research. Continue reading here.

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Christian Finances Books & Managing God's Money™

Christian Finances Books and Managing God's time, a time management book, by Michel A Bell each reflects a solid Bible based foundation. They are not religous books, but practical books to help you be better stewards to make informed lifestyle choices that lead you to a closer walk with Jesus and greater control over your finances.

The New Managing God's Money™

The Basics ISBN: 097359022X & 978-0-9735902-2-7

christian money book

This book, Managing God's Money™ - 7 Branches WORKBOOK, and Managing God's Time (time management book) are available in ebook format at the following sites, among others:, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books

In this 2011 Managing God's Money™ reprint, Michel continues to present biblical truths about lifestyle choices that affect money. If you are a follower of Jesus, and want to know more about what the Bible teaches about stewardship, about handling money for God's glory, this book is for you. If you are not a follower of Messiah, you might find some parts meaningless.

This Christian finances book is part of the Christian's discipleship journey. Besides, it is practical and integrates tools and techniques that work effectively in the home, and in small businesses. It has simple, detailed explanations showing you how to set goals, prepare matching plans, write and follow a budget, when to start investing, and the basics of investing. As well, it deals with financial planning, borrowing, savings, spending, investing, retirement, and much more. Peek inside, and then ask the Lord to guide your next step.

Here is a comment from a reader: "We have been following many of the practices you mention [in the New Managing God's Money™-The Basics] for quite a time now, but it was really neat to see someone outline things so clearly. Getting one's head around the idea that 'all is God's and that we are merely stewards' is definitely a major 're-think.' And it is fundamental--everything becomes so different. Sure leads one to be thankful, though!"--Judy, Ottawa

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Mes finances, Ses ressources

ISBN 978-0-9735902-3-4

Managing God's Money™ book

Michel's popular money management book, The New Managing Gods Money-The Basics, is available in French as Mes finances, Ses ressources, through the distributor Librairie Diffusion Vie.

Mes finances, Ses ressources, est disponible par le distributeur Librairie Diffusion Vie. L’auteur, dans cet ouvrage, fusionne sa vaste expérience en affaires avec les vérités bibliques. Comment se passe votre périple spirituel? Quel est l’état de votre situation financière? Venez, tel que vous êtes, et apprenez identifier, utiliser et contrôler les facteurs qui vous poussent dépenser.

Buy online from Librairie Diffusion Vie, Quebec, CANADA

Managing God's Money™ - 7 Branches Workbook

ISBN: 0-9735902-1-1 & 978-0973590210 (Suggested Retail Price $15)

Christian Finances book

This Christian personal finances book is ideal for small group Bible study, for pre-marital counseling, and as a wedding or anniversary gift. Here is a comment on this book:

"The book is wonderful...very the point...and definitely according to the Bible. I highly recommend it especially to young people before they get into financial trouble." --Turk Lea

Peek inside this book. This Bible study about how to mange your finances from a Christian view is filled with biblical references, questions, observations and biblical teachings on daily matters affecting household finances. Michel wrote it to use with the 7 Branches seminar DVDs or 6-CD (which captures the essence of Michel's Managing God's Money™ Book). Still, use it outside the seminar, alone or in a small group. It is different from the pervious workbook in several respects: It's broader, deeper, covering Bible teachings and practical aids on more topics.
Built on a personal relationship with Jesus, these seven branches will help you understand how to carry out your stewardship role and not be stressed. It will guide you to a Christian worldview as you explore biblical teachings and relevant practical applications on matters such as these:

Biblical truths about tithing: why it started, why stopped; today's giving standard.
How to apply biblical teachings to household finances--managing finances in a Christian home.
How to teach your family about money matters: particularly children.
How to write simple cash flow and material worth statements.
How to apply today, Bible teachings about goal-setting, planning, and budgeting?
How do I set and track goals, plans and budgets? See practical forms to help you start today.
How do I get out of debt, live debt free apart from a mortgage, and start investing?
How do I apply Genesis 41 to handle financial famines and feasts?

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Michel A  Bell books

Managing God's Money™-The Basics

Managing God's Money™ book

The "Basics" (ISBN: 1-55306-086-5 & 978-15553060864) is Michel's first book. It's out of print but available at several online and other bookstores. It contains the fundamentals of Bible-based financial management. It might be available from, USA and, CANADA

Managing God's Money™ - The Basics WORKBOOK

ISBN: 1-55306-197-7 & 978-1553061977 (Suggested Retail Price $10.95)

Managing God's Money™ workbook

The "Basics-WORKBOOK" is out of print too, but available online and at some bookstores. It is a Bible study and a goal-setting and budgeting guide designed to help individuals and groups go deep in the Bible to understand more fully, key biblical principles outlined in Managing God's Money™-The Basics.

Might be available from:, CANADA

What Readers Say About Managing God's Money™-The Basics & The Basics Workbook which deals with managing finances as a follower of Jesus: :

"God has gifted Michel with an in-depth understanding of personal finance and given him an exceptional ability to communicate financial principles to others. In fact, Managing God's Money™-The Basics is one of the most balanced and practical resources on this topic I have ever seen" --- Dr. Darrel Reid, former president of Focus on the Family, Canada, writing in the October 2001 magazine, Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson.

"Michel, I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your Internet site. I am also completely free from credit card debt finally (with a little help from your book [Managing God's Money™-The Basics], actually a lot of help from your book and from God). I still have a lot of other areas I have to work on. One day at a time." --- Khajak, Montreal

"I found your book [Managing God's Money™-The Basics] in someone's cabinet here at the station, and I read it. It has totally changed my family's spending habits and financial stability. Here's how: I have put into practice most, if not all, of the things you propose in the book. Your PEACE budget worksheet is a staple of my life. I enlarged the sheet, and made lots of copies. It is my monthly staple now. I don't spend a dime without consulting the budget. Because of you and your ministry, we are aggressively paying bills, getting out of debt, and sowing more into God's Kingdom. Thank you Brother Bell, In Christ." --- Jeremy, Buffalo

Managing God's Time: Personal Effectiveness Improvement

Managing God's Time - ISBN: 1-57921-726-5 & 978-1579217266

managing god's time

Over his 32-years business career, 16 as a non believer and 16 as a follower of Jesus, Michel Bell climbed the corporate ladder rapidly, and gathered increasing responsibility. In the early years he had two ulcers, neglected his family, and was stressed continually. Gradually, to cope with the continual pressure, to protect his health, and to spend quantity time with his family, he developed the system of personal effectiveness that's the topic of this book.

When he chose to retire at age 55 to pursue the ministry to which God called Him, Managing God's Money™, his corporate successes led to this release from his only employer, former Alcan Inc.:

During his fruitful career, he held various positions in the finance, legal, and business planning sectors, and lived in Montreal, Vancouver, and Tokyo. Michel will leave behind a successful track record in planning, strategy, and business development. He has been one of the most significant contributors to the strategic position our group [Bauxite, Alumina, and Specialty Chemicals] enjoys today. Perhaps his greatest legacy will be his value mindset, which has inspired his Alcan colleagues
Now available as an ebook in Kindle and all major formats.

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