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The Christian Lifestyle Book with Guiding Principles by Michel Bell

Managing God's Time - ISBN: 1-57921-726-5 & 978-1579217266

Over his 32-years business career, 16 as a non believer and 16 as a follower of Jesus, Michel Bell climbed the corporate ladder rapidly, and gathered increasing responsibility. In the early years he had two ulcers, neglected his family, and was stressed continually. Gradually, to cope with the continual pressure, to protect his health, and to spend quantity time with his family, he developed the system of personal effectiveness that's the topic of this book.

When he chose to retire at age 55 to pursue the ministry to which God called Him, Managing God's Money, his corporate successes led to this release from his only employer, former Alcan Inc.:

During his fruitful career, he has held various positions in the finance, legal, and business planning sectors, and has lived in Montreal, Vancouver, and Tokyo. Michel will leave behind a successful track record in planning, strategy, and business development. He has been one of the most significant contributors to the strategic position our group [Bauxite, Alumina, and Specialty Chemicals] enjoys today. Perhaps his greatest legacy will be his value mindset, which has inspired his Alcan colleagues

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