Michel Bell TV Commentaries


Michel Bell TV Commentaries

A selection of Michel Bell's TV commentaries about Christian financial advice and effective biblical stewardship are shown here. Some commentaries were done in 2008 when the Great Recession hit. Then, Michel Bell appeared on 100 Huntley to explain aspects of this severe financial crisis. These comments continue to apply today.

Though not exhaustive, these commentaries encompass a wider range of Christian financial management tips, and Christian financial tools that you will find useful, not only during a credit or financial crisis, but to carry out daily biblical stewardship of God's resources. Generally, commentaries deal with God and money. The advice given points you always to the one truth source, the Bible.

Several commentaries deal with the continuing household debt issue, and attempt to suggest debt removal strategies to get out of debt God's way. Getting out of debt God's way can be slow, but if you follow that path, you will be debt free. We stress in many commentaries that money management is lifestyle management—focus on a lifestyle that honors Jesus, and you will not fall in debt; if in debt, you will climb out God's way and in God's time.

1. Practical Advice about Shopping by Michel A. Bell

2. How to use a Credit Card Responsibly

3. Teaching children effective money management

4. Four healthy financial

5. An Attitude of

6.What About My Investments?

7. Coping in the Credit Crisis- Part - 1

8.Coping in the Credit Crisis - Part - 2

9. The Global Financial Crisis: How did we get there?

10. Effects of Globalization

11. Consumerism equals High Personal Debt

2005 Commentaries

The Journey Begins With a Testimony

January 5 - The Journey Begins With a Testimony
January 12 - 3-M's of the Money Transaction
January 19 - Spending Is About ABC's not 123's
January 26 - ABC's of Spending

February 2 - Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
February 9 - Are you in a Financial COMA?
February 16 - COMA and The GAS Principle
February 23 - Do You Want To Be Content?

March 2 - Seek First His Kingdom For These Things?
March 9 - Tithing .... A Guilt Relieving Practice!
March 16 - From Tithing to Keeping
March 30 - Keeping ...Open Palm living

April 6 - Estate Planning?
April 13 - Wills and Powers of Attorney
May 4 - The Money Map - An Overview
May 11 - Doing God's Goals
May 18 - Working God's Plan
May 25 - The Money Map- A Daily Guide?

June 8 - The Family Council
June 15 - Borrowing: What The Bible Teaches
June 22 - Borrowing: Assumptions and Alternatives
June 29 - Borrowing: Effects and Costs

August 3 - Midway Checkup - How Are You Doing?
August 10 - The Capital Fund - Targeted Savings
August 17 - Using the Capital Fund
August 24 - Paying for Children's Education
August 31 - Need Insurance?

September 14 - Do You Need Extended Warranties?
September 21 - Gambling By The Church?
September 28 - Gambling: The Dark Side
October 5 - The Slow Burn Principle: What is it?
October 12 - The Slow Burn Principle: How to Spot it?

November 2 - Remove Your Debt Burden Today
November 16 - Get Out Of Debt: Solve The Case of the Missing Dollars
November 23 - 7-Point Action Plan to Live Debt Free
November 30 - Mortgages and Home Equity Loans
December 28 - A New Journey Begins