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TV Interviews

(1) Holiday Shopping Tips (2) Watch out For Those Land Mines
(3) A Look At The Economy: September 2011 - Part 1
(4) A look at The Economy Part 2

TV Interview: Psychology of Buying Parts 1-3-March 2010

TV Interview: After The Great Recession Parts 1-3- February 2010

TV Interview-Living Within Your Means-April 2009

Topical Christian Advice Articles

Personal Finances
Biblical Stewardship
Retirement Planning & Insurance

Published Non-Business Christian Articles

The One Income Challenge (OCHEC News, Winter 2009)
Busy and Ineffective
Learn the Offense
Graduating with Student Loans?

Published Business-Related Christian Articles


Four Keys to Success in a Mission Focussed Business
Will Loblaw's Takeover of Shoppers Drug Mart Create Value For Loblaw's Shareholders?
Meaningful Control Elements Key To Effective Budgets And Control
Doing God's Vision, Mission, Goals In Business

Job Creation & Government Ineffectiveness

Creating Jobs Is A Political Target; Creating Products Is A Business Target
Business Create Wealth and Jobs: Remove Corporate Taxes to Stimulate Growth and Job Creation
Baseline Budgeting: The Perfect Tax and Spend Formula


God Holistic Funding & The Credit Crunch

Important Lessons

Lessons from the Great Recession

Globalization & Outsourcing

Globalization; We Don't Get It!
ABC News Buy America Program is Naive and Off Base

Lifestyle Issues Videos

You can't manage money. So what do you manage? Your ABC's ... come with me on this brief journey.

Money Triangle

Michel Bell peesents Christian financial advice that money management is lifestyle management; its about ABCs, not 123s. Most folks try to manage the wrong variable, and so end up at the wrong place. This video shows why you can't manage money and the right variable to manage. It will help you take control of finances today.

The GAS Principle

Three key truths about money to help you take control of finances today.