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managing god's money seminar

Household debt in Canada, USA, and England, has stopped spiralling out of control, but remains high. Meanwhile, governments continue to try to talk it down, but still want consumers to spend to grow the economy.

Background to Managing God's Money Seminars

The long term solution to control household debt is for individuals to accept our responsibilities and stop acting like victims. Though they coerced many people, banks didn't force us to borrow.

We need to learn to be patient, humble, to live our incomes, to save to buy stuff, and to stop chasing unaffordable standards of living. As well, we need to love each other as Jesus commanded and ask Him to show us how to respond to genuine crises in the lives of fellow believers. But most of all, we need to invest time getting to know Jesus, and learning to live as His disciples. He will help us live lives that glorify Him. He will help us understand that challenges we face do not surprize Him. He will help us respond as Job did (Job 1:20-22, Job 13:15, Job 42:5). He will help us live "upside down" (Romans 12:2) in this world where the focus is on "me" and "my circumstances."

nd financial burden today. Ask Him (Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 11:28, 1 John 1:9)!

No Conflicts of Interest

Managing God's Money and Michel A Bell do not represent financial companies, we do not work with or recommend financial advisors. At our seminars and elsewhere, we do not sell, or endorse finance companies' products or services. We charge no fees to present seminars, but we require commitment from leaders organizing seminars to be excellent in organizing (Colossians 3:23-24).

Managing God’ Money Seminar

dangerpreviewSince 2000, regularly, Michel A Bell offered Managing God's Money Bible-based seminars and workshops in Canada and internationally. And from October 2001 to June 2006, he partnered with Focus on the Family, Canada to present specific Bible-based Managing God's Money and Managing God's Time seminars throughout Canada. With the release of the 7-Branches of God's Money Bible-based seminar on 2-DVDs and 6-CDs, and the compatible Managing God's Money: 7 Branches Workbook, he reduced regularly scheduled seminar presentations.

Since the end of Great Recression i 2010, we presented seminars dealing with strategies to cope in the post financial crisis period. And we continue to respond to special requests to design targeted Bible-based seminars to various groups. Below are details of some requested seminars.

Biblical Stewardship Seminar

This seminar highlights what it means to grip time and money? Why do we have difficulty managing priorities? With money matters? We will show how to work joyfully and effectively with "positive stress" in available time.

As well, we show how to build and use a budget, to work with what we have, and how to plug leaks in our finances. In essence, we will look at "gripping" time and money for His glory: how to get the grip, how to keep the grip. Each person should leave each session hopeful and with a new outlook and an easy to use tool kit.

Seminars start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM.

7-Branches of Managing God's Money Seminar

Built on a biblical foundation, this Bible-based seminar conveys appropriate attitudes and provide key principles, essentials tools and techniques needed to live a debt free lifestyle.

Normally, each seminar is on a Saturday starting promptly at 9:00 AM and ending no later than 4:30 PM with several breaks and one hour for lunch. The 2-DVD set, 6-CD set, and Managing God's Money 7 Branches Workbook contain details of this seminar that covers these "7-Branches":

  1. First Branch: ABC's and the GAS Principle (36 minutes)
  2. Second Branch: Funding the Great Commission - Bible-based teaching on giving to God and using His funds wisely (33 minutes)
  3. Third Branch: Debt Free Living - a three-step God-centered approach for a debt and financial-stress free lifestyle(43 minutes)
  4. Fourth Branch: Getting Out of Debt and The Capital Fund - An approach to getting out of debt God's way, and an alternative to the credit card (50 minutes)
  5. Fifth Branch: PEACE Budgetary Control System (59 minutes)
  6. Sixth Branch: Spending Toolbox - a collection of aids to assist you to decide before you spend if you can afford to spend (Part I - 47 minutes; Part II - 35 minutes)
  7. Seventh Branch: FREE OF GREED Investment preconditions for sound investing (25 minutes)

Marriage and Money Seminar


Geared to men and women to be married and newly weds, this three-hour seminar highlights challenges couples will face and strategies to overcome them.

Custom Seminars and Contact Information

We have developed and presented several other seminars. As well, we are happy to custom fit workshops and seminars to individual circumstances. If you wish Michel to speak at your church or other group, present a seminar, or train some of your leaders to lead small group Managing God's Money seminars, please contact us. The 7-Branches of Managing God's Money Seminar is the filming of a live seminar; real time and unedited.

Participants' Feedback: Managing God's Money Seminars

Dear Michel: Thank you again for the great seminar. Our people were truly blessed by your presentation. Karen and I started on the work book last night. We hope to put into practice what the Lord has laid on our hearts through you. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you as you faithfully serve Him. To God Be the Glory! (2 Thess. 3:16)- Pastor Tom, Montana

Wow! "I see it now." It' not about me---it's about God. It's all His! - Winnipeg

You reflected God's heart for us to seek Him and your analogy of God being the CEO and Chairman had immediate impact in the way I should look at our money (I mean God's money) - Kevin, Calgary

Dear Michel, I am writing to express my appreciation for the blessing your ministry was on our congregation. Many individuals have told me they experienced "relief" after attending the seminar. You are spearheading important work and it is my prayer that God will continue to richly bless you and your family as you serve Him. In Christ - Gary, Toronto

The group interaction was good (using a real example for the Affordability Index). Thank you for coming. Thank you for listening to God. I really appreciated the focus on God. We need that in today's world - Calgary

Thanks for an amazing seminar and being challenged to serve God better. God bless you! - Edmonton

Thank you. Bless you. This was awesome information. Loved it. Just what our marriage needed - Montreal

Excellent advice from a biblical perspective in a society where a lot of secular advice is in abundance. Excellent presentation and content!!!!! - Winnipeg

Thank you for opening our eyes to the opportunity to see God's work in our lives and to work on pleasing Him - Toronto

You are very anointed. This is not a typical financial presentation! We are very excited to implement what we learned today. I wish we learned this years ago. Thank you. - Calgary

Mr. Bell succeeded in covering such a vast and deep topic in a one day seminar. I am going to spend the next month digging in the subject - This is a must hear session for every Christian. - Montreal

I thought the seminar was thought provoking and hope producing. God did speak to me! Praise God!! - Oklahoma City

It was not only excellent on all points, it was inspiring - Montreal

If only I had heard this years ago. The teaching was excellent. - Birmingham, England

Excellent - you hit me in my heart and put Jesus and practical money and time issues together - Kitchener, Ontario

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