Attitude Sack


Attitude Sack

Once you understand you can't manage time, there are many tools available to help you work effectively in available time. In Managing God's time, we developed several time management tools that (personal effectiveness tools) we refer to collectively as the Attitude Sack With a vibrant relationship with Jesus as the foundation, these time management tools will help you reach goals on time and in budget, while giving glory to our Lord. Essentially, the Attitude Sack is the tool kit you should use daily.

By applying these tools to specific situations consistently, they may become habitual and instinctive. Observe each meticulously. I have practiced these traits daily and by the grace of God, they have become innate:

Goal - God’s destination for you. What He wants you to do; where He wants you to go. A plan is the steps needed to get to His goals. A goal without a plan is like a hockey game without a puck! Combine devotion to Jesus with a passion for His goal, and you will be unstoppable. Ask Him!

Reserves - Search for hidden reserves daily: when you feel inconvenienced because you have to wait, transform this into a reserve. Use these reserves for activities to catch up on work, to read a book, or other activity. Dr. Richard Swensen in his book Margin, uses the term margin, as the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is the amount held in reserve for contingencies or anticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating. It is the leeway we once had between ourselves and our limits. Margin is the opposite of overload. We need to slow down. Ue reserve time to help you slow down.

One-Touch Approach - An attitude: attempting always to minimize the following: (a) the number of times you handle a specific item, (b) the number of steps to complete a task, and (c) the pathway between two points in a journey; all within predefined parameters, priorities and principles of the P-Squares.

Border - Your emotional fence that’s part of your identity, allowing you to feel, think and perform as God intended without anyone’s intrusion.

Border Patroller – Periodically checking you have not allowed others to wittingly or unwittingly invade your borders: folks telling you negatives about yourself; or cunningly transferring their activities to you.

Selective Neglect – Daily, you can’t do everything others want you to do and you want to do. You must decide how to choose and understand choosing inevitably will cause you to neglect certain task, and disappoint some folks. So, daily, proactively decide what to defer and whom to neglect to do your goals according to specific parameters, priorities and principles of the P-Squares.

The Attitude Sack is your tool kit. Let the traits become intuitive to allow you to be more sensitive and responsive to God’s call on your life. Daily, set goals congruent with life goals and other material goals; patrol your borders while carrying your own load; work with reserves, particularly seek out hidden ones; apply the one-touch approach where appropriate and hunt for opportunities to minimize steps to complete tasks; proactively implement selective neglect.

For more on the Attitude Sack, see Managing God’s Time, chapter six.