Hurry Sickness


What is hurrysickness? I define hurry sickness as the state of continual motion trying unsuccessfully to achieve several goals that do not come from God. In the process of doing these goals, folks neglect God, family, health, and comment frequently on their busyness. You know you have hurry sickness, when you miss your goals always, and you deflection your ineffectiveness to busyness, lack of time, others, or other irrelevant source, continually.

Folks addicted to hurry sickness have a prideful busyness. They say they are always busy as if that's a good excuse. They do not realize busy means occupied with the mind concentrated. The issue is this: on what are you busy? The Internet, video games, channel surfing, what? Folks see a lack of time rather than them as the culprit. Each hays has 24-hours.

Hurry sickness prevails among church folks doing church stuff exactly as it does among unchurched folks doing non church work. Both groups ignore two key parameters: First, 24-hours are are your fixed daily parameter in which you must work. That's it. It is available to everyone each day; no more no less. Second, daily, nobody can do everything others expect from him or her, and everything he or she would like to do. So each of us must choose daily what to neglect and whom to disappoint, and with the help of God's Holy Spirit, proactively manage the effects. I refer to this on going process in Managing God's Time as Selective Neglect.

We pray you will accept your fallibility, dispensability, the 24-hour day, surrender your life to Messiah Jesus, and turn to Him daily to guide you.

From time to time we will add "pdf" files we hope you will find useful to help combat hurry sickness.

Hurry Sickness