Managing God's Time: Personal Effectiveness Improvement Seminars

time-seminar Michel book, Managing God's Time, published in August 2004, arose out of a three-hour Personal Effectiveness Improvement seminar he had been presenting since 2001. Geared towards "busy" individuals, the primary purpose of the book and seminar is to help individuals handle daily conflicting priorities, using biblical principles, specific Bible-based parameters, and a specific decision process. Built on a vibrant relationship with Jesus, the book and seminar propose a biblical view of success that's foundational to help select right priorities.

In 2007, Michel developed and taught at Briercrest Seminary, a course, Time, Life and Project Management, using his book, Managing God's Time, as the course text. As well, he has been presenting several topical seminars to different groups. These seminars include: Using the P-Squares Decision Process, Working in a 4-D Workspace, Holding Effective Meetings, and using specific tools and techniques.

Though each of us knows what to do, often we need reminders. After these sessions, you will be refreshed; you will you be able to enjoy the freedom that comes from doing only what God wants done in His timing. The P-Squares Decision Process, Attitude Sack and Medic Kit will provide the framework, tools and techniques for a renewed attitude. You'll enjoy work, create time for your family, and benefit from My-Time-regular recharge time away from your daily routines. Michel's proposed biblical view of success will free you to become the person God wants you to be. Gone will be debilitating and negative thoughts from phrases such as I have no time, and I can't do this! You'll discover God grants you time and ability to do everything He calls you to do and that everything is possible through Christ who gives you strength.

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