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TV Interviews

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Watch out For Those Land Mines

A Look At The Economy: September 2011 - Part 1
A look at The Economy: Part 2
TV Interview: Psychology of Buying Parts 1-3-March 2010
TV Interview: After The Great Recession Parts 1-3- February 2010
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Money ABCs

You can't manage money. So what do you manage? Your ABC's ... come with me on this brief journey.

Money Triangle

This shows the three parts to every money transaction and highlights enticements to spend.

TV Commentaries

A selection of Michel Bell's TV commentaries shown here.  He did some commentaries in 2008 when the Great Recession hit. Then, Michel Bell appeared on 100 Huntley to explain aspects of this severe financial crisis. These comments continue to apply today.

Though not exhaustive, these commentaries encompass a wider range of authentic financial management tips and tools you will find useful, not only during a credit or financial crisis, but to carry out daily.

Several commentaries deal with the continuing household debt issue, and attempt to suggest debt removal strategies. Getting out of debt can be slow, but if you follow this path, you will be debt free. It's vital to understand money management is lifestyle management—focus on a lifestyle. Manage ABCs not 123s