God and Money: Devotions and Meditations


money devotions and meditations

Devotions & Meditations About Money: Introduction

Our weekly devotions about money will encourage you to invest time daily to reflect on Jesus and His teachings. These money devotions will help you stay focussed on your stewardship of God's resources, and stay away from debt. Our money devotions are not panaceas. However, if you are in debt, they can help you get out of debt God's way and in God's time.

These money devotions do not always deal with money matters directly, instead they stress lifestyle issues. Remember, money management is lifestyle management.

We present a theme for the month, and a topic for the week to help you draw closer to Jesus. We live in a fast paced society. People seem to think if they slow down they will miss a special opportunity to move ahead. You have heard the saying, "don’t just stand there, do something." These weekly money devotions ask you daily to stand or sit there and be quiet. Draw near to the Lord, and let Him speak into your life. Your are racing ahead and getting nowhere fast; right? Slow down, get into His word and start your day doing His will, not yours.

Our money devotions and meditations go directly to biblical stewardship and the heart of a personal relationship with Messiah. We pray they bless you.

January: Wisdom

Each of us needs to apply wisdom — insight, good judgment under God’s direction — to life daily to do right in God’s eyes. So often we apply the best logic and common sense to our circumstances but the results turn out different from our expectations. Sometimes they surprise us; they even seem illogical!

How does this happen in this sophisticated technology age when computers can model and “predict” results? Surely, we should expect greater predictability for daily routine events, especially those with which we are familiar, such as financial matters. Shouldn’t we?

As we start a New Year, let’s look at wisdom from God’s perspective — its source and uses — by focusing on these key topics throughout the month:

January 1-7: Fear and Humility: The beginning of wisdom
January 8-14: Our Daily Walk - Mimicking God’s wisdom in all relationships
January 15-21: Wealth - Applying godly wisdom as God?s stewards?
January 22-31: Foolishness - Becoming foolish to gain wisdom

February: Income Sources

Most folks would agree, usually there is only one primary income source—work, either self-employed or other. But people in several homes in North America gamble regularly on lotteries, football games, horse racing, and other events in an unsuccessful attempt to supplement household incomes. They hope to hit the jackpot and “live happily ever after”; but the few who win, don’t find the happiness they seek. This month, while confirming work as the valid income source, we review biblical aspects of gambling, borrowing, and other sources where many individuals turn, hoping to supplement or replace their incomes.

February 1-7: Work - A gift from God
February 8-14: Borrowing - Running ahead of God
February 15-21: Gambling - Displacing God as the supplier of needs
Inheritance - A blessing or a curse?

March: Triumphant in The Valleys

In human terms, “triumphant in the valley” is contradictory although that’s where Jesus' followers spend much time. Sadly, while there, we feel defeated and lost because we take our eyes off Jesus and focus on us. This month as we look at God’s Word, we will see that Jesus calls His followers to live triumphant lives in the valley and on the mountaintop. Besides, we will see it’s in the valley our faith grows as we learn to depend on Him. We will review these four topics:

March 1-7: Trials - Prescriptions for growth
March 8-14: Anxiety - The journey toward peace
March 15-21: Temptations - Choosing the way out
March 22-31: Contentment - Resting in Him

April: Biblical Stewardship

Many pastors reserve a Sunday in January to preach on stewardship; some devote the entire month to this topic. Mostly, their messages remind us to present ‘our tithes and offerings’ to the Lord. They ignore the stewardship of time, talents, and the environment, and they don’t stress stewardship as a lifestyle.

Each week this month, we will look at what it means to be God’s stewards under these headings:

April 1-7 - Stewardship: In the beginning!
April 8-14 - Time: Busy but standing still!
April 15- 21 - Money: What are you doing wit God’s 90%?
April 22- 28 - Talents: How am I using my gifts?
April 29-30 - Accountability: In the end!

May: The Family

Despite persistent, vicious attacks on the traditional family by Governments and others in society, God’s ordained roles for the family and family members apply today. Stand firm; do not let Governments’ ill-conceived anti-traditional family policies deceive you. Always remember popular policies don’t equate with morally acceptable policies. God’s Word is the only authority for moral absolutes. This month, we will review God’s Word to learn about the traditional family under these headings:

May 1-7 - The Husband: Servant Leader
May 8-14 - The Wife: Partner and helper
May 15-21 - The Parent and Child: Relationship building
May 22-31 - The Family Council: Essential teaching and learning medium

June: Walking The Walk

During an intensive two-year period when I set out to prove Christianity was for weak-minded losers, faith preoccupied me. I realized subconsciously I put faith in many objects and people daily. Still I thought, Why would anyone become a follower of Jesus, accepting ‘blindly,’ assumptions about Him? I learned He died, rose, is alive today. But did I have faith enough to believe?

Later, with open eyes, I found out I did not have faith enough to disbelieve Jesus is Messiah. This month as we look at how we practice our faith, we will review these faith-related topics:

June 1-7: Faith and Hope
June 8-14: Commands and Assurances
June 15-21: Forgiveness and Restoration
June 22-30: Happiness...

July: Money by The Book

Biblical teachings on money startles many folks as they discover Jesus spoke more about money, wealth, and possessions than other items. Many people don't understand why they learn so little from churches and Messianic congregations.

We will explore Bible teachings on money this month to help us build a solid, biblically based money management foundation. We will address these areas:

July 1-7: ABCs - What is Your Worldview?
July 8-14: Saving For Retirement?
July 15-21: Rich Man Poor Man, Who Will Inherit The Kingdom?
July 22-31: Breaking The Vase--Lavish Spending

August: Choices

Life is about choices. Often unconsciously we choose between important matters such as working rather than loafing, eating instead of starving, sleeping rather than staying awake. Nobody tells us which to choose because these responses either are inherent or come by experience. Not so with other choices where ignorance and cowardice often hold us back.

This month we will look at some choices that result from inaction:

August 1-7: Heaven or Hell
August 8-14: Truth or Tolerance
August 15-21: Success or Failure
August 22-31: Christianity or Religion

September: Life Lessons

Life is a journey that’s not smooth, but lesson-filled. Our great challenge is to be open to learn as we go. Sadly, rarely do we learn from our experiences, especially if bad, because we don’t accept them. We need to ask Jesus, our Messiah, to lead us through these bad experiences as He promised, and show us how to grow from them.

Because we don’t use these events He presents to develop us, we repeat mistakes and act daily like each outing is our first. We are busy with our priorities that spotlight urgent matters without everlasting significance, so we side-step God’s messages He chooses specially for us.

This month we look at some journeys with several life-lessons. We will highlight a few and look at how we might apply them daily as we stay alert to Messiah’s teachings. Don’t miss God’s faithfulness that permeates these journeys:

September 1-7: Egypt to Canaan
September 8-14: Jerusalem to Moab
September 15-21: The Cistern to the Mansion
September 22-30: Shepherd to King

October: Satan Is Active

Church folks are growing more “religious" and further away from Jesus. In a June 2000 study, Church Lay Leaders Are Different From Followers, Barna Research Group Ltd., of Ventura, California reported 39% of lay church leaders in the USA said there is no Satan. And a 2010 PewResearch U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey shows even more ignorance of the Bible. It states, “on questions about Christianity – including a battery of questions about the Bible – Mormons … show the highest levels of knowledge.”

Preachers push easy believe-ism to grow congregations so we have scores of people ignorant of the Bible in churches. This month we try to shed some light in the following areas:

October 1-7: The god of this age
October 8-14: Satan is Active
October 15-21: Wear Your Helmet--Use Your Sword
October 22-31: Walk In The Light

November: Jesus Is Lord

This month’s theme stresses the reality many folks do not wish to confront: Jesus is Lord. We may surrender to His Lordship and allow Him to direct our paths, or we may not. But if we don’t, still He is Lord and rules the world. When we surrender control of our lives to Jesus, choose to love Him with all our hearts, souls, and minds, our stress levels will fall because we correctly transfer our burdens to Him. That’s what He asks us to do. He knows we can’t do it on our own, so He invites us to cast our worries onto Him. He deals with them much better than we could! We will review these topics this month:

November 1-7: The Bible is the Source of Truth
November 8-14: Invest in His Kingdom
November 15-21: Count the Cost
November 22-30: Is Money His Competitor?

December: Goals and Plans

A New Year on the horizon; time for a fresh start. Do you want to start the year understanding what you should be do - ing and where you should be going? Better still, do you want to learn where God is working in your life, or where He wants you to be during the New Year? This month, let’s explore the Bible to answer these questions about goal setting and planning under God’s direction. We will cover these topics:

December 1-7: A Life Goal: Why am I here?
December 8-14: His Goal or Mine: Why not mine?
December 15-21: Smoothing Peaks and Troughs
December 22-25: God’s Perfect Plan: Available to me?
December 26-31: Where is God: Where is my plan?