Harper Government’s Lost $3.1 Billon Cause Voters to Act?

Harper government missing $3.1 billion? Will this irritate Canadians enough they start demanding effective performance from our governments? The auditor general says the Canadian government was unable to account for 3.1 billion Canadian dollars of anti-terrorism funding. Instead of being outraged, Prime Minister Stephen Harper retorted that the report had nothing to do with the improper use of money. He said, it’s ‘how the spent money is categorized.’ What a pathetic reaction! Does Harper thinks his view minimizes the issue?

Harper government missing $3.1 billion?
Harper government missing $3.1 billion? Who cares?

Harper Government Lost $3.1 Billion. Who Cares?

Miss-allocating $3.1 billion is serious. Was it redirected to politicians? Corporations? Political parties? A combination? Where? Harper does not know, neither does his minister responsible for the treasury. Neither do auditors who examined the books. I am a professional accountant. If I looked through a business’ accounts and couldn’t find where funds were allocated, that would be a huge deal! Don’t go there Prime Minister. Accept the basic incompetence and find out what happened. Only then can you comment intelligently.

I am saddened the conservatives have turned out to be such spendthrifts. I expect this from liberals and the left. Since Harper assumed office in 2006, he helped bail out auto companies, expanded government, and created deficits. He inherited a surplus and intends to preside over annual deficits for a couple more years.

Certainly, we had the Great Recession and the economy slowed. However, instead of less government, and so less incompetence in the economy, he increased government’s size.

To be sure, Harper’s group eased the tax burden, created savings incentives, eliminated the wasteful long gun register. Still, they have had their wasteful spending escapades like liberals. Harper’s conservatives continue to fund the left wing liberal Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). This group, the epitome of political correctness, recently advertised a job opening seeking anyone but a white person. They want to ensure the organization reflect diversity. After an outcry, they retracted and their advertising agency took the fall.

The government continues to fund the outmoded and ineffectual post office, too. Why? Why not sell both groups. The reasons for taxpayer’s support vanished. Get rid of them!

Canadians of all political persuasions need to realize that if we do not speak up, these politicians will continue to treat us as imbeciles and do as they please. That’s what former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty did. Shortly before elections, blatantly, he cancelled two gas plants to appease electorates. He knew voters are naive, ignorant, fickle, and would not think about cancellation costs. He knew they would listen to his rhetoric and vote for him. Hello voters! Guess who will pay the more than half billion dollar cancellation costs?

Wake up Canadians, these incompetent politicians have no respect for our intelligence. Let’s vote the inept out, and keep those who remain; but on short leashes.

Copyright 2013, Michel A. Bell


Michel A. Bell

Michel A. Bell is a former senior business executive, author of seven books — including his first children's book published in 2022 — speaker, and adjunct professor of business administration at Briercrest College and Seminary. Michel is a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), holds a Masters of Science in management degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Business Administration honoris causa from Briercrest College and Seminary. He is founder and president of Managing God's Money™ and Stewarding God's Resources.

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