Solution Driven Marketing With Purpose and Oomph

Solution driven marketing can reshape a firm’s view from product or money focus to  customer-needs’ focus. Solution driven marketing applies to every organization—profit, and not for profit. A key challenge is to change customers’ wants to valuable needs. In the long run, this will provide significant value to the firm, too.

Solution Driven Marketing Has Four Distinct Parts

Solution-driven marketing isn't coercive
Solution-driven marketing isn’t coercive
First, the firm develops solutions or benefits based on its view of customers’ current or future wants or needs. To begin, the firm must learn about its customers and their wants and needs. It does this by highly targeted market research and in focus groups. The process starts with a clear vision and mission to define what the firm wants to be, and what it plans to do. The mission will appeal to certain groups only, not to everyone. Hence, the firm must decide the best approach to present its proposed solutions and benefits to help current and potential customers.

In solution driven marketing, the business does not “push” its services or products. Instead, it offers benefits, opportunities, and solutions it expects customers will find helpful. Look at Amazon, for example. It creates benefits for people to stay at home to shop for their wants and needs. As well,  it tries to change people’s wants to perceived needs. A values-driven business must ensure it does not manipulate people to spend. Manipulation is highly subjective, and we must stop it though difficult to achieve. However, we can end it by God’s grace.

Firms Should Create Easy Convenient Access to Solutions

Second, the business creates easy, convenient, and ongoing access to its solutions and benefits. In a university, students should be able to work in a setting where it’s easy to access what they need to complete their courses. The administration should make it simple and convenient for students to attend classes, pay bills, get needed advice, and so on. So too, a business should ensure suitable access not only to its products or services, but to friendly, effective after-sales support.

Amazon provides easy, convenient, ongoing access to products, and has excellent customer support. It is easy to buy, and easy to return stuff hassle-free to Amazon and Walmart.

Solution Driven Marketing Presents Value to Customers

Third, the business should ensure it is offering value to customers. In solution-driven marketing, the firm attempts to take the customer’s eyes off the price and provide something that the customer would value. A university should present programs, based on its vision and mission, that students values The university should be attentive to what’s happening to students. It should listen to student’s feedback, and in its best judgement, change courses or develop new courses as it thinks fit.

Being customer centric and solution-driven does not mean the customer decides the firm’s action. That’s always the firm’s decision. It means the business must listen and respond to genuine feedback. However, it must have a goal to listen, and it must want to learn.

At a university, professors must show the value in the learning journey. Therefore, they must stress that success is a byproduct of curiosity, dedication, and the multiple inputs the student applies during the learning process. Also, they must remind students of this Thomas Edison comment during their learning journey: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Amazon’s customers look beyond the price to the value they get when they buy from the comfort of their homes. So too, with Walmart. The value is more than the price. Quality, reliability, ease of buying and ease of returning items add to the value customers get from dealing with a firm.

Solution Driven Marketing Leads to Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Fourth, the firm should not push products and sales but should educate customers continually about solutions, access, and value. The key is to focus on the customer and try to provide goods and services he or she might find useful–essence of customer-driven marketing. In the long run, this approach will create customers who will tell others about your business…and your business will grow, and grow, and grow! Solution driven marketing is as valuable to a nonprofit as to a for-profit business.

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Michel A. Bell

Michel A. Bell is a former senior business executive, author of seven books — including his first children's book published in 2022 — speaker, and adjunct professor of business administration at Briercrest College and Seminary. Michel is a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), holds a Masters of Science in management degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Business Administration honoris causa from Briercrest College and Seminary. He is founder and president of Managing God's Money™ and Stewarding God's Resources.

2 thoughts to “Solution Driven Marketing With Purpose and Oomph”

  1. Thank you for sharing.

    We recognized a need that was not being met and realized we could step in and fill this gap which led us to start our new company. Seemed pretty straight forward, we have a target group of customers who have a variety of specific needs, unknown to us a government initiative was rolled out at the same time to bridge any financial gap that our potential customers would have due to restricted cash flow, and lastly we possess the skill set (or have access to hire the skill set) to meet those needs efficiently, effectively and with integrity. As business owners we know what we want to BE (Vision) and what we plan to DO (Mission) and trust that we will HAVE (Results) based on providing this service and that this service is sustainable.
    Sounds like the perfect recipe for success. Yet after reading your blog it dawned on me, we are “pushing” our services to get our “Name” out to the masses. No one knows who we are yet, like any new company, so we wanted to push (throw) our products and services “net” out to hopefully have a significant catch of customers whom we could serve. Our thought was, that once we successfully serve our first catch of customers with integrity, providing them with services in an equitable business exchange (truly experiencing real value for services rendered) that they would “tell others about our business” and our growth would sky rocket. But that has not been the case.

    Why weren’t our potential customers waiting for us with open arm’s? I think you captured this in your fourth distinct part to solution driven marketing; as a company we need to discover how we can “educate” our prospective customers about solutions, access and value that we as a company are well equipped to provide.

    What we have learned during our start up time is that our customers intuitively know they have needs but pride makes them resistant to accepting this need, they have been taken advantage of by the unscrupulous making them hyper cautious to trust that which they do not know (even if what or who they do know does not truly address their needs) and lastly, all the best intentions to serve with integrity and genuinely caring about those whom you wish to serve does not guarantee success.

    I firmly believe we are called to build this business, but that unto itself is not enough to overcome the inertia associated with the principles of building a successful/sustainable business that you have touched on here. We are in our first year (second quarter) and we have had affirmation after affirmation of those we have shared our vision with that this business needs to exist. It’s as though this business of ours has a life of its own, and we have been “called” to give of the life breathed into us so as to “create” and give life (or give of our life??) to this business…an uncanny teachable moment for me about the being made in the likeness of God, our “Creator”.

    Your article has been a huge help in that it pointed to what we need to do now, which is take what we have learned about our customers to date, and educate them, providing SOLUTIONS in a honourable and respectful way. Showing them that they have full ACCESS to these solutions through our company, and the VALUE is not just in the service provided in the monetary exchange but in the entirety of the business relationship process they have with our organization.

    Thank you for sharing, I look forward to perusing other articles of yours as well. Our son (Zephaniah Moore) spoke very highly of you and we felt the timing to be somewhat divinely appointed. We have much to learn about business and knowing we need to have healthy interdependence I am continually seeking to learn from and to be mentored by successful Godly business folks, while educating myself through reading and coming to the point of realizing I need to be willing to look the potential of failure (ways that don’t work) in face before I will ever look success in the eyes.

    I would welcome any feedback you feel compelled to offer.
    Thank you again for sharing.

    David Moore.

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